Woman performing ACR Select Implementation for Care SelectFor customers preparing to implement ACR Select™, or for those who are mid-implementation, Lumos Consulting offers a unique opportunity to ensure that your first pass at implementation is done right. When you purchase ACR Select™, you are getting a generic, standard configuration product. We help you tailor the software to fit your specific needs.

From ensuring that you are prepared to deal with PAMA (the Protecting Access to Medicare Act) to optimizing your Referring Provider Workflow system, we will help you adapt the out-of-the-box software to work optimally for you.

What you can expect from working with Lumos Consulting on your ACR Select™ Implementation:

• We will travel on-site to perform an initial current state analysis, where we will:

  • Cover current workflows
  • Determine future workflows
  • Set goals of implementation
  • Meet with both operational and IT teams

• Based on this analysis, Lumos Consulting will create a customized strategy to ensure your implementation is addressing all the unique intricacies of your organization

• If your organization is still in the pre-implementation phase, we will work with your organization’s leadership to guarantee they fully understand all the various configurations, ensuring that your organization chooses a strategy that will benefit you, whilst ensuring you are compliant with PAMA requirements

• Lumos Consulting will assume responsibility for organizing meetings with NDSC, your IT team, and operational stakeholders

• We will assist your IT team through the mapping process, guiding both your physicians and your IT team through the process to ensure your organization’s needs are being addressed

• We will work closely with your physicians, developing localization requests for NDSC that will ensure that your ACR Select™ software is uniquely customized for your organization

• We will craft a customized training plan and work with your training team to design a deployment approach that will fit your organizational structure

• We will work with your organization’s reporting team, guiding the creation of custom reports to fulfill your organizational needs

• In tight collaboration with your organization’s IT team (typically the Radiant and/or Ambulatory teams), we will provide Go-Live support