lumos consulting acr care select optimizationFor customers currently live with ACR Select™, Lumos Consulting brings a fresh perspective to help you optimize your software to ensure physician adoption and satisfaction.

Some of the challenges we have identified and solved:

• Difficulty with physician adoption

• A sense that you are stuck with an “out-of- the-box” version of ACR Select™, which is not customized for your needs

• IT teams that are struggling to keep up with optimization requests, whilst balancing other Epic demands

• Lack of meaningful reporting, or reporting that isn’t trusted

What you can expect while working with Lumos Consulting on an ACR Select™ optimization project:

• We will travel on-site to perform an initial current state analysis, where we will:

  • Cover current workflows
  • Identify optimization requests
  • Determine  goals of optimization project
  • Meet with both operational and IT teams

• Based on this analysis, Lumos Consulting will create a customized strategy to ensure your optimization is addressing all the unique intricacies of your organization

• We will assume responsibility for organizing meetings with NDSC, your IT team, and operational stakeholders

• We will work with your IT team to initiate the review of your current orderable and alternate mappings

• Based on the current mapping, we will go through mapping clean-up sessions and will guide both your physicians and your IT team through the process to ensure that your organization’s requests are being addressed

• We will work closely with your physicians and develop localization requests for NDSC that will ensure that your ACR Select™ software is uniquely customized for your organization

• We will craft a customized communication strategy and work with your clinical informatics team to design a deployment approach tailored to your organizational structure

• Working with your organization’s reporting team, Lumos Consulting will review current reports, identify content gaps and ensure reporting continuity post-optimization

• In tight collaboration with your organization’s IT team (typically the Radiant and/or Ambulatory teams), we will provide optimization Go-Live support